Email subject – Urgent Please Read Now!

Have you ever received an email with this title? Perhaps you’ve been guilty of writing an email with this title?

It doesn’t matter which side you are on, it’s not a good experience for either party. Generally it’s the faster pace person writing the email and the slower pace person receiving the email.

Why? Because faster pace people love instantaneous results and generally everything is urgent (despite the fact they are not working the medical profession where things truly are urgent). They are generally on email all the time.

And the slower pace people prefer to work more methodically and are happy to access their emails only a few times a day. Sending them harsh emails are only likely to get their defences up when they finally get to the email and that is not productive for anyone.

To help understand a more productive way of doing business, it’s best to understand people’s pace. Of course please feel welcome to contact us to help you to calculate your pace and to work better with each other as a result.


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