“The Great Rebalance” Webinar

On December 9 last year Vanessa was a speaker and panelist on a multi-country, multi-industry webinar about “The Great Rebalance” spearheaded by Rob Prugue.

The panel discussed the great opportunity we have to redefine the way we work. We need to make sure we are working (and allowing people to work) in a way which helps us to maximise our mental energy to improve mental health and productivity – without the burnout. They discussed all things mental health and energy as companies are coming to terms with redesigning their hybrid environment.

There’s also a YouTube video of the webinar if you missed the live event: Watch the YouTube video of the webinar.

Here is the write up about the webinar: Mental health: enough awareness; action needed

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Podcast: Mastering Performance and Wellbeing with Vanessa Bennett

Get more accomplished in four hours than most get done in seven. That’s the power of performance mastery. In this inspirational episode, Mark sits down with Vanessa Bennett, Performance Mastery Coach, to discuss a transformational movement toward a better work-life balance. Eliminate burnout, improve stress relief, and develop stronger self-motivation through key tools discussed during this riveting conversation about performance and wellbeing.

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Podcast: The GAF

  • 1 December 2021
  • Published in The GAF

In this episode of The GAF Scott explores the fascinating world of Neuroscience with Vanessa Bennett from Next Evolution Performance.

With over 20 years experience in financial services and a Masters of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health; Vanessa shares her insights on leadership, increased productivity, avoiding burnout and why it’s important to manage your energy rather than your time.

Listen in for some very practical yet powerful techniques to improve productivity and engagement for yourself and your team.

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Train your brain to improve your profits

Vanessa Bennett writes about how the mental health and mental fitness of your staff is an important key to business growth and happiness.

The Financial Adviser: pp 40-41

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Podcast: Rich with Purpose Podcast by Thabojan Rasiah with Vanessa Bennett

Have you listened to the new Rich with Purpose Podcast by Thabojan Rasiah yet? It’s a goody – he has interviewed some super interesting people. Vanessa was lucky enough to be a guest too. We love the focus on purpose. If you get that right, you now have direction for your energy.

Listen now:

Apple: https://bit.ly/RWP_Apple
Spotify: https://bit.ly/RWP_Spotify
Web: www.richwithpurpose.com.au
YouTube: https://bit.ly/RPW_YouTube

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