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Discover how to perform at your best – always!

We all want better performance in all areas – more success, more productivity, more profitability, more energy, more focus, more of the feeling of being in control, better health, more time with friends and family and the list goes on.

Then imagine having all of that without the overwhelm, without feeling constantly tired, without the unproductive stress, without the wasted effort and of course – without the burnout.

If this sounds appealing, this workshop is for you. Of course everyone is different, so thanks to neuroscience, psychology, sports science and other disciplines, we will help you to develop your bespoke performance plan – just for you! A one-size-fits all approach just doesn’t cut it.

Simply put, it’s You. At your Best. Always!


Workshop details

We are currently offering 2 different workshops for the remainder of 2020, one face-to-face in Sydney in August and an online workshop in September.


The in-person workshop in Sydney (morning session) and Day 1 of the online workshop series covers how to:

  • Understand the neuroscience of stress and how to make it your friend for higher performance
  • Deep dive into energy management using our unique Energy Credit System (time management is sooooo 2005)
  • Use sports training principles to structure your days, weeks, months and years to maximise your energy
  • Measure your natural focus time using our Personal Pace Indicator and learn how to work with your natural focus time for optimal performance and minimal energy spend.


The in-person workshop in Sydney (afternoon session) and Day 2 of the online workshop series covers how to:

  • Understand the concept of psychological safety and how to use it to increase your performance
  • Understand the intersection of neuroscience and psychology – a bio-psycho-social approach to improving your mental fitness for performance
  • Tools to develop your accountability for performance both in and out of the workplace
  • How to make neuroplasticity your friend for performance instead of your you unknown performance enemy
  • Learn how to define and align your goals and beliefs to maximise your success – whatever success means to you.


Of course, everything you will learn at these workshop will be useful for managing teams, but go on…… be selfish. Take this opportunity to focus on you!


Book your place at one of our ‘You at your Best. Always.’ workshops for 2020

In-person workshop in Sydney

Thursday 20 August 2020
8:45 am to 5:00 pm
Financial Services Council
Level 24, 44 Market Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
9am sharp start


Early Bird 20% off until 6 Aug, 2020 = $792
General Admission from 7 Aug, 2020 = $990

(Prices exclude GST and a booking fee)

*Special offer: Buy a full priced ticket, and receive 25% off all additional tickets purchased in the same transaction.

COVID-19 Update: Our August Workshop is planned as a face-to-face session. We will continue to monitor the social distancing advice from the Australian and NSW Governments and keep participants updated.


Online workshop series

This virtual workshop is split over 2 half days
(4 hours each):

Thursday 10 September 2020
Day 1: ‘Achieve more in less time with less effort and frazzle’
11:30am – 3:30pm AEST

Thursday 24 September 2020
Day 2: ‘Mindset for success – go beyond resilience and learn how to achieve great mental health for performance’
11:30am – 3:30pm AEST


Price for both half day sessions (10 & 24 Sep, 2020):
Early Bird until 27 Aug, 2020 = $650
General Admission from 28 Aug, 2020 = $800

Price for one half day session (10 OR 24 Sep, 2020):
Early Bird until 27 Aug, 2020 = $375
General Admission from 28 Aug, 2020 = $450

(Prices exclude GST and a booking fee)



What our previous attendees have said about the workshop…


Neyhaa Pramar, Senior Leader in the Banking & Finance Industry said:

“A great investment in yourself that’s how I would sum up my experience. I met some great people to connect with. The session felt like a very safe place to dig deep and really work on my individual growth as a leader and as an individual. I found the learning around how to setup my day most beneficial and have applied a lot of this already in my personal life, even little things like doing chores you like when you are feeling flat in energy can help pick up your and make me feel re-energized again.

The facilitation was at the right pace for me specially in the morning, with very informed SMEs leading the topics. I can fit in more me time now and get more done every day and still have lots of energy left at the end of the day to be with my family. I would recommend this to budding entrepreneurs and senior leaders with competing priorities and young families and really practice what you learn is the key here.”

George Konstantin, Founder id8pi consulting and facilitation said:

“Thank you, Next Evolution Performance! Most of us have two speeds, flat out or flat-out. Work hard until you drop, recover and then work hard again. This program afforded me a clearer perspective on what sustainable performance looks like. How to better direct my energy to what’s important instead of burning it unnecessarily. Both Vanessa and Kate present a compelling argument on the science of energy management. Like most, I’ve spent my professional years trying to manage the immovable father-time and ignore mother-nature.

With a better appreciation of my natural pace I’ve been able to find a more productive way of living and working which has helped me, my family and my clients. Co, thank you Kate for being so generous with your time, and Vanessa for breathing life into this concept for me.”

Sarah Penn, Managing Director, Mayflower said:

I attended a full day workshop run by Kate and Vanessa. It was a great day and I wrote pages of notes. The idea of ‘pace’ is really interesting, and I’ve since implemented it with my team which has definitely helped. Kate and Vanessa are both engaging speakers and the information provided is thought provoking and takes a different approach to the idea of team management – in that you have to manage yourself effectively first.”


If you would like more information please contact us.