You work hard. You work smart. You’ve enjoyed success in your field, and you’re hungry for more.


We can show you how to tap into new levels of sustained performance that you didn’t know were possible. You’ve likely experienced brief peaks of performance at various times, but maintaining this level every day, without burnout, probably seems impossible.

We have good news: sustained high performance, every day, for every person, is absolutely possible. The science proves it, and our personal experience backs it up.

Next Evolution Performance was founded on the simple, but important idea, that we all deserve to perform at our best – without the burnout, depression, or stress that is often associated with high performers. And that’s exactly what we help our clients to do.

Whether you’re running a successful company, looking to maintain and sustain your performance; or, you’re currently experiencing the burnout, fatigue and stress that have become so commonplace in today’s demanding world, we’re here to help.

But here’s the thing; your best is exactly that, yours. A one-size-fits-all solution won’t get you to your best, because it’s not aligned to who you are. What gets you to your best and, most importantly allows you to maintain and sustain it, is unique to you. Our role is to help you find what works uniquely for you – and then give you the tools to achieve the results you want.