Alex Davids

Director and Co-Founder Auckland, New Zealand.

Director and Co-founder Alex Davids has a background in psychology with over 20 years of coaching experience. Her career history includes running, coaching and working within SME and corporate businesses. Alex originally launched and ran a values development company to support corporate clients understand and communicate their values internally and externally. She has worked within the United States local government building community programmes for growth, and more recently within the world’s largest business coaching company, Shirlaws. All Alex’s roles have required understanding individual and group requirements, strong communication skills and the ability to support a variety of needs.

Alex was a founding partner of Inside 80 Limited, launched based on an identified need at the CEO and Executive level for deeper support in managing work, health, and leisure life requirements that linked to better performance in all areas. Alex has coached some of the UK’s most senior Executives and CEOs, as well as a large list of global Executives.

Alex is passionate about her clients and helping them identify and accomplish all of their performance goals. She is a skilled 1-to-1 coach and an accomplished group coach and speaker.

Alex is based in Auckland, New Zealand.