Podcast: My Millennial Money with Glen James – Mindset, mental health, burnout + performance


Vanessa always loves chatting with Glen James at My Millennial Money. This  time they talked all things high performance, mental health, burnout and mindset and how these all relate to financial health. In this episode Vanessa joins Glen to answer some community questions, including:

– Q1: how do you cope with burnout?
– Q2: how to find mental health support on a low income
– Q3: how to address when a co-worker is overworking themselves to the point it sets an unspoken precedence for the rest of the office?
– Q5: how do you perform well on your first day of a new job?
– Q6 what are some of the signs of depression?
– Q7: what are some symptoms of people who are overdoing it and risking burnout?
– Q8: how to maximise productivity and energy if you work at a computer all day?

Listen now:
Wooshka: https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=797405
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Rs0_WOnyDuY

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