Podcast: My Millennial Money with Glen James – Creating boundaries and healthy teams in business


Vanessa always loves chatting with Glen James at My Millennial Money. This time they talked all things high performance, mental health, burnout and mindset and how these all relate to financial health. In this episode Vanessa shares some solid gold about:

– Managing expectations of customers and your team.
– Setting realistic deadlines.
– Knowing when to grow your team or outsource roles or tasks to support you in the business.
– Dodging the stress of the ‘everything is urgent’ merry-go-round.
– Staying focused on creating an effective culture, rather than setting KPI’s.
– Focusing on improving your teams work flows and efficiencies, rather than just hiring another person.

Listen now:
Wooshka: https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=792401

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