Actually, no – you don’t have to be a ‘morning person’

Here’s how to tune into your body, and be productive at the best time for you.

Early bird or night owl? It’s the age-old question, with the common perception that early birds, or morning people, are more productive and therefore more successful. But contrary to popular belief, not all high performers wake with the sun.

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Why you should manage your energy, not your time

There’s an interesting concept among business coaches that instead of organizing your to-do list based on how urgent a task is or how much time you have, we should manage energy levels. This, allegedly, is the key to transforming yourself into a totally efficient, productive, stress-free, and successful superhuman.

Vanessa Bennett, productivity coach and CEO of Next Evolution Performance first introduced us to the energy>time concept, justifying it this way: “Time is finite whereas most people can increase their energy significantly through a range of different factors like good sleep, exercise, and nourishing food.” It makes sense, right? At some points during the day you feel supercharged and productive, whereas there are certainly times you typically feel the opposite.

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Workplace trends In 2017: A more tailored approach to wellbeing

From sleep rooms to meditation, the concept of mindfulness at work really came to fruition this year but in 2017, workplace flexibility and a more tailored approach to wellbeing will dominate the conversation.

Vanessa Bennett, founder and coach at Next Evolution Performance explains in many ways, wellbeing has become like a ‘box’ companies simply tick which in reality, doesn’t lead to high performance.

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4 easy ways to make stress work for you

The sun is out and summer is coming. But are you feeling a bit stressed out as we rush toward the summer holiday? You wouldn’t be alone.
While it’s common to think stress damages our health and wellbeing, there’s evidence that a moderate level of stress is a natural part of life and a necessary part of normal human functioning. Here are five ways to make stress work for you.


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Use technology for good, not evil

Technology. It’s quite incredible when you think about what a major impact it has had on our work and our life over the past decade. It’s opened up communication lines, given us social media, allowed us to have access to emails on the go and so much more. But the question is, are we letting technology control us and is it having a negative impact on our lives? If you look around, you’ll see someone on a phone, another typing away on a laptop and someone else plugged in listening to a podcast. Technology is everywhere and it’s letting us live more flexible, mobile lives. But why do leaders still see their employees being tied to a desk as a sign of being productive? The pressure to be seen working from your office desk is still alive and well, even with the increase talk of work–life integration and flexibility in the workplace.

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