How To Get More Hours In Your Day

How To Get More Hours In Your Day

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had more hours in the day? It seems crazy to think twenty-four isn’t enough but between work, travel, exercise, keeping up a decent level of hygiene and still getting the recommended seven to nine hours sleep, it can prove difficult to tick all the boxes while also maintaining a “healthy balance” including downtime and socialising.

So what can we do? Since a twenty-five hour day isn’t coming anytime soon, we need to stop glorifying busy and become more efficient and flexible with our time, says Vanessa Bennett, high performance coach and CEO of Next EvolutionPerformance.

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How to manage your energy, not your time

Kick old time management habits out, and introduce techniques to manage your energy.

Time management demonstrates a one-size-fits-all approach to managing meetings, tasks, agendas and so forth. In fact, most people have been taught that, to effectively time manage, you should always do the most important task first. However, this often requires us to use a large amount of mental energy on the ‘important’ tasks, resulting in decreased productivity in the long-term. Instead of focusing on time management, we should be aiming for sustained high performance.

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10 workplace trends for 2016

This year will see an increased emphasis on a number of workplace factors that will make it easier for employees to balance office life with personal life. Read on.

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Achieving high performance at your natural pace

To achieve high performance in its truest sense, you need to be free from burn out and restraint. The only way to maintain high performance is to not solely focus on getting your performance up, but to shift your mindset and learn how to reduce your perceived effort levels.

f you’re struggling or it feels hard, then your productivity is not where it could be, which could also lead to unnecessary and unproductive stress. While a certain amount of stress is required for high performance, too much of it becomes unproductive and can have some serious long-term impacts on your health.

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Why 2016 is about work/life integration…

In today’s society, work/life balance seems to be the Holy Grail that everyone strives for, yet very few achieve. The reality of this widespread struggle begs the question – Is this concept of balance more of a hot trend, rather than an achievable resolution to stress and burnout?

These days people tend to glorify being busy so much that even our time for ‘balance’ is so overwhelmed with “relaxation” activities, that we end up exhausted. We’re told to ‘separate’ our work and personal lives, to ‘be present’ with our loved ones, and ‘switch off’ from the office – yet this strategy often causes even more stress. It is important to consider that the concept of a work/life balance isn’t for everyone, and instead contemplate that art of integrating performance, happiness and health. In fact, integration is the perfect way to consider our lives in a healthy way, and what we should be striving for in 2016.

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