What’s the difference between high performance and wellbeing?

In recent times, companies have been trying to increase the performance of staff by improving wellbeing in the workplace. There are workshops, mandatory yoga classes and meditation nights put in place, but are these tools helping staff achieve high performance in their work and life?

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5 essential tools to build a high-performing team

It’s been said we need to ‘work smarter, not harder’ to drive results. But how? A high-performing team is an essential component of a productive workplace and a profitable business. A positive, energetic and collaborative team environment needs to be carefully fostered by individuals in leadership positions to enable the best results for your employees and for the organisation as a whole.

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How to get mental energy

These days many of us are focused on success. Without exception, we’d all like to be more successful, and in comparing ourselves to others on social media we’re constantly asking: “am I successful enough?”

As a coach of successful executives — the athletes of the business world — I know that an integrated approach to success involving several proven factors is what works. A healthy lifestyle is a key component of this approach.

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Engage mind, body, spirit to improve mental health

Let’s face it, even when things are going pretty well, managing staff and time are two of the biggest challenges that face financial advisers. And it’s no wonder these tasks are always so hard when no two brains are created the same. When you add mental strain to the equation, things can become especially tricky to manage.

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Five ways to revive yourself when you’re burnt out at work

Burnout is increasing at a terrifying rate. Not only is it a detriment to your work performance, but also your health and life in general. But are you burnt out or just tired?

There’s a huge range of signs and symptoms of burnout, including loss of interest, decline in productivity, physical exhaustion, getting stressed out easily or your stress levels are getting worse, or you might even get to the point where you can’t get stressed out at all.

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