Focus on performance, not wellbeing

Thinking of spending money on generic wellbeing programs for your staff? You may want to think again.

The first few months of the year is a time to feel refreshed and invigorated. It’s generally full of New Year’s resolutions and things to do differently. As a part-time fitness instructor I also know it as the month that many decide to focus on wellbeing – class numbers at the gym are, quite frankly, a little frightening.

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How to increase productivity by creating more distractions

How many times have you heard that it’s important to reduce your distractions to increase your focus and productivity? Every day the Internet is riddled with productivity hacks on reducing your distractions like; limiting email access to twice a day, sticking to a regimented routine, writing to-do lists, exercising before work, etc.

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The power of digital detox

Every year I have a digital free holiday. This time a few years ago I turned off my phone and travelled around Myanmar (Burma) for three weeks. There was no point in taking my phone with me as there is very little phone or wifi access.

I chose to have a complete break from emails, the internet and social media. I only broke the intention once, to send an email to my parents letting them know I wasn’t one of the tourists that was killed in a plane crash in the Myanmar mountains. (Fair enough I think!)

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Are you and your team thinking like high performers?

In 2014 we explored the foundations of high performance. We highlighted that in order to maximise your performance you need to maximise your energy. And your energy comes from three broad categories – Body, Brain and Belief.

This year we are going to focus on the “belief” aspect. We will look at practical tips to help you and your teams to improve your mindset for high performance.

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Two birds, one stone

  • 13 November 2014
  • Published in Ifa

Save time and energy and save your staff by working on productivity.

Two of the biggest issues for financial planners and other small business owners always seem to be:

1) Time – we all want more of it
2) Staff – how to keep great staff

Well both of these can be dealt with by working on your productivity. Think about Olympic swimmers? Do they just jump in the pool and starting flapping their arms and legs and hope for a gold medal? No. In fact they look effortless. Most of them look like they are hardly even kicking!

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