Forget time management, focus on energy management

How many articles have you read about the best ways to improve your time management skills? There are countless apps, notebooks and websites designed to help us stay on top of our game so we’re performing at our optimum level. Yet no matter how many times you try to tick everything off the ‘To Do List’ we seem to rarely reach the end without feeling exhausted.

Think back to a time where you felt energised… Was it after a good nights sleep, a yoga session, or working on projects you love? It’s incredible how much you can accomplish when your energy levels are high. You breeze through your tasks and end the day feeling positive.

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What Joan Rivers can teach advisers

  • 18 September 2015
  • Published in Ifa

Whether you loved or hated her comedy, you can’t help but admire Joan Rivers’ amazing work ethic. This lady was 81 years old and in the prime of her career – working right up until the day she passed away.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching “Fashion Police” on the E Channel. Unfortunately Joan, the show’s host, recently passed away unexpectedly from complications with a minor surgery.

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4 tips if you don’t want to digital detox

You might have heard the buzz words ‘digital detox’ being thrown around in recent times, and you might find yourself feeling anxious at the idea of taking part in one.

There’s been a focus on detoxing from the digital world outside of work hours, and making a point of putting the laptop away and the phone down. But before you jump on the bandwagon and consider trying one, it’s important to stop and think about whether it’s completely necessary for your lifestyle and if it will benefit you. Start by asking yourself, will this cause more anxiety for you than relief?

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Give your team control to maximise their performance

Following on from my our last discussion of self-responsibility – the more control people think they have in any situation, the more engaged and positive they will be. This has been shown to lead to a greater mind-set for high performance. Because let’s face it, there is at least a little control freak in most of us.

It will also have the win-win impact of freeing up your time. If you don’t give your team control to make decisions they will constantly feel the need to run everything by you, which can take up more of your time than really necessary.

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Speed check

There’s nothing quite like a stint in hospital to throw up a few questions about life and where it’s headed. Hooked up to a monitor in the emergency department with my heart in overdrive, I realised I’d been pushing myself too hard and needed to make some adjustments.

It’s a common theme of modern life: rushing to keep up, racing against the clock, running out of puff and falling in a heap, only to discover you just don’t know how to live any other way.

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