Does sport give women a winning edge in business?

For women in the workforce, a sports background can build the skills you need to lead and to achieve.

If you were an entrepreneur appealing to a potential investor, do you think your athletic background could give you a competitive edge? Alexandra Mills, CEO of product sites for the AussieCommerce Group, thinks so. She says all else being equal, she’d invest in the woman who’d engaged in elite sports.

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Living fast and slow: find your natural pace for peak performance

Do you live fast or slow? We can think fast and slow, using our automatic, subconscious or by making more reasoned choices. Some people are born multi-taskers, but that approach doesn’t work for everyone.

We can also exercise fast or slow depending on our muscle twitch fibres.

Olympic sprinters have been shown to possess about 80 per cent fast twitch fibres, while marathon runners tend to have 80 per cent slow twitch fibres, for example.

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How to do a digital detox at home

Australians are more digitally connected then ever, with the average person spending the equivalent of almost an entire day online every week. So is it time to do a digital detox?

“We live in a notification culture, where we have attention deficiencies and are addicted to the little red notification circles on our media,” says performance coach Vanessa Bennett.

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An interview with Vanessa Bennett

Today we’re getting up close and personal with our latest Guru To Watch: Vanessa Bennett, CEO and High Performance Coach, with Inside 80 Performance Australia. In this interview, Vanessa has generously shared with The Daily Guru tribe some fascinating insight into why she chose to enter her field of work, the greatest challenges and achievements of her career and personal life, misconceptions about her industry and the one piece of advice she would give to her 18-year-old self.

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Plan your life like an athlete in 5 easy steps

At Inside 80, we talk about Energy Credits as if you wake up with 100 every day, (assuming you got a good sleep and are in good health) and you spend those credits in each activity you do throughout the day. Athletes are amazing at managing their energy to ensure that it is allocated to increasing their performance at the right time, and no credits are ever wasted. Athletes are also amazing at perfecting their technique so that they spend their energy credits in the most efficient way possible.

So let’s take some simple tips to build our lifestyles like a professional athlete…

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