Energy Optimisation with Vanessa Bennett

My guest on this episode is Vanessa Bennett, CEO and co-founder of Next Evolution Performance – an organisation that uses neuroscience to help driven business leaders and teams to optimise productivity, energy and profitability without the burnout.

Like Vanessa and her team, I do not believe that success needs to equal burn out.

Sadly, I see many broken women limp into my world who have nothing left in the tank after doing everything themselves.

Vanessa works with leaders of businesses of all shapes and sizes every day and she is sharing the goods with us in our chat. Not only does she have the intel and the insights, she has solutions for us to better manage our energy to avoid burnout.

We talk about just how much cognitive energy we have per day (and spoiler alert – it’s not anywhere near as much as you think). Vanessa shares how we can manage and, most importantly, optimise our energy and how crucial automation, delegation and simplification are for this.

Vanessa’s insights are going to help shift your focus from how much you do and for how long to improving your output and lowering workload.

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