Why you should manage your energy, not your time

There’s an interesting concept among business coaches that instead of organizing your to-do list based on how urgent a task is or how much time you have, we should manage energy levels. This, allegedly, is the key to transforming yourself into a totally efficient, productive, stress-free, and successful superhuman.

Vanessa Bennett, productivity coach and CEO of Next Evolution Performance first introduced us to the energy>time concept, justifying it this way: “Time is finite whereas most people can increase their energy significantly through a range of different factors like good sleep, exercise, and nourishing food.” It makes sense, right? At some points during the day you feel supercharged and productive, whereas there are certainly times you typically feel the opposite.

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How To Get More Hours In Your Day

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had more hours in the day? It seems crazy to think twenty-four isn’t enough but between work, travel, exercise, keeping up a decent level of hygiene and still getting the recommended seven to nine hours sleep, it can prove difficult to tick all the boxes while also maintaining a “healthy balance” including downtime and socialising.

So what can we do? Since a twenty-five hour day isn’t coming anytime soon, we need to stop glorifying busy and become more efficient and flexible with our time, says Vanessa Bennett, high performance coach and CEO of Next EvolutionPerformance.

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