How To Unlock High Performance In Your Team Without Causing Burnout With Vanessa Bennett

We all want to ourselves and our teams to be at their most productive. A lot of times, that pursuit of high performance takes a toll on individuals in the form of burnout. There must be a fine balance between getting the best performance from everyone and making sure that they’re thriving while they’re at it.

This is what high-performance coach Vanessa Bennett has been studying her whole career. Vanessa is the CEO of Next Evolution Performance, a company that uses neuroscience to help driven leaders and teams optimize their profitability, productivity and energy, and decrease their effort to eliminate burnout.

In this episode of People Strategy Forum, she shares neuroscientifically-informed strategies in managing people’s time in the workplace so they can be their best, most productive selves. Whether you’re a leader who’s looking to unlock high performance in your team, or an individual who’s looking for a way to increase productivity without sacrificing your wellbeing, this conversation is a must-follow. Tune in!


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