Harnessing Performance: Unleashing Cognitive Energy Mastery


Continuing on with our theme of transformation, join NavTalk host Simon Prowse as he engages in a compelling conversation with Vanessa Bennett, a visionary entrepreneur at the forefront of high performance and mental well-being.

Vanessa, CEO and co-founder of Next Evolution Performance, brings a multifaceted background encompassing Business, Accounting, and Finance, and a master’s degree in psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health from Kings College London. Her journey is a testament to the power of fusion – fusing financial acumen with a passion for fitness that led to an epiphany: the imperative to help individuals achieve peak performance without sacrificing their well-being.

In this episode, Vanessa shares how this revelation sparked an entrepreneurial fire, resulting in the birth of Next Evolution Performance. Through this groundbreaking platform, she’s seamlessly woven her financial expertise with her psychological insights. Through workshops, coaching, and innovative techniques, Vanessa empowers leaders to harness their cognitive energy, promoting productivity and reducing burnout.

Join us on this captivating journey as Vanessa unveils the transformative potential of cognitive energy mastery. Discover how her visionary approach is reshaping the landscape of business and corporate success by nurturing high-performance cultures, reducing stress, and cultivating profound well-being. Tune in to NavTalk for an eye-opening conversation that explores the synergy of performance enhancement and mental well-being. With Simon Prowse as your guide, prepare to explore a new path to success rooted in cognitive energy mastery.

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