Why 2016 is about work/life integration…

In today’s society, work/life balance seems to be the Holy Grail that everyone strives for, yet very few achieve. The reality of this widespread struggle begs the question – Is this concept of balance more of a hot trend, rather than an achievable resolution to stress and burnout?

These days people tend to glorify being busy so much that even our time for ‘balance’ is so overwhelmed with “relaxation” activities, that we end up exhausted. We’re told to ‘separate’ our work and personal lives, to ‘be present’ with our loved ones, and ‘switch off’ from the office – yet this strategy often causes even more stress. It is important to consider that the concept of a work/life balance isn’t for everyone, and instead contemplate that art of integrating performance, happiness and health. In fact, integration is the perfect way to consider our lives in a healthy way, and what we should be striving for in 2016.

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Forget time management, focus on energy management

How many articles have you read about the best ways to improve your time management skills? There are countless apps, notebooks and websites designed to help us stay on top of our game so we’re performing at our optimum level. Yet no matter how many times you try to tick everything off the ‘To Do List’ we seem to rarely reach the end without feeling exhausted.

Think back to a time where you felt energised… Was it after a good nights sleep, a yoga session, or working on projects you love? It’s incredible how much you can accomplish when your energy levels are high. You breeze through your tasks and end the day feeling positive.

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