Coffee with Kate, your high performance coach

Q. What are your top tips for increasing productivity?

Quite often it is the small changes that make the biggest impact on our overall productivity and energy, and we under-estimate these significantly.

Here are six easy ways to increase your productivity at work so you can get the job done in an authentically effortless manner…

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4 ways to work from home productively

There’s been a positive increase of businesses implementing flexible working environments into the workplace. More employees are given the opportunity to work from home but aren’t well equipped with the tools to do so in a productive manner. For some, working from home might come more naturally. Others may struggle with the idea, as it definitely has its challenges. Being productive away from the office is all about the approach you take. Once you nail it, you will feel fulfilled in both your work and life.

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How to stay productive when working from home

Distractions are all around when working from home. This style of office can be both a joy and a challenge. To deal with the challenging side of things, we spoke with Vanessa Bennett, CEO of Next Evolution Performance, and she shared her top tips on how to stay productive when everything in your home is trying to take you away from your work.

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The art of saying “no”

Vanessa Bennett was interviewed by Lifestyle radio on the neuroscience of how saying no improves your stress levels and performance as well as some great tips on how to say no – nicely.

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The only thing you need to do to overcome fear, according to neuroscience

  • 29 January 2018
  • Published in Inc.

Many business leaders pretend they are incredibly controlled, stoic, and confident. The perceived ideal image is for them to show that they do not feel fear. Truth?  I have never met anyone who doesn’t face fear.

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