Next Evolution Performance is always looking for great coaches with business and leadership experience, as well as a keen interest or experience in the health and fitness professions.

Coaching with Next Evolution Performance needs to be your main focus

Our approach covers all aspects of high performance – mental, neural and physical – and therefore, there is a large volume of theory to be across even before you get to the most important part – coaching people to implement it . This is not something to be done “on the side” of other business ventures you may be running. If that sounds like it will suit you, please keep reading. If it doesn’t, we’ve just saved you time and energy by not having to read the rest of this page……you’re welcome 🙂

Characteristics of our coaches

It is imperative coaches who are looking to work with us have the following characteristics…….

1) Passion for helping others to achieve new performance highs with less effort, and to be the best they can be. Our coaches need to be genuinely passionate about what they do, both at work and outside of work.

2) Service ethic to yourself and to others. You can’t help others unless you exercise self-care. Then you are more likely to have the ability to serve clients and those around you. This includes a service mindset to other coaches in our network. The more we contribute to each other, the more knowledge we have as a global team to spread our message all over the world.

3) Performance. Our coaches need to walk the walk and talk the talk – both now and also in their previous business experience. We require our coaches to exude high performance characteristics in all respects. Our clients need people who have walked in their shoes, and most importantly, who didn’t get burnt out in the process.

The benefits of running your own business with the benefits of being part of a global network


Running your own coaching business requires a lot of investment for necessities like website, CRM, invoicing systems, marketing templates etc. Not to mention your time to do all of your research, presentation preparation etc. Often you spend far more time getting ready to coach than actually coaching.

With Next Evolution Performance, the above is already in place. In addition, all of our coaches constantly work as a team to evolve these materials and research, so we all have access to the best of breed approaches in all facets of high performance.

And we understand you also want the freedom to effectively run your own business on your terms and work with clients you really want to work with. Because let’s face it, life is too short not to love what we do every day.

Business Development

Our coaches have the freedom to be creative in the ways they attract clients. The easiest way is by referral. The great thing about a global network of coaches is that global companies often need coaches based in various countries, so we may pick up work from each other. The same may happen locally depending on the capacity of your fellow coaches.

And given Next Evolution Performance is only as successful as its coaches, you will receive strategic support from us regarding your business development strategies – especially in your early days with us until you are inundated with referrals.