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Using neuroscience we have helped hundreds of driven leaders, and thousands of their people, to optimise productivity, energy, mindset, profitability and staff retention, with less sickness and burnout.

The professions we work with

While our frameworks and systems are applicable across many professions we tend to work closely with the following sectors:
  • Financial services – banks, superannuation, insurance, funds management, financial advice
  • Law
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Private schools
  • Recruitment
  • Events/media
  • Real estate

Case studies


“Hamish did an outstanding job presenting at our annual conference.”

He spent time with us upfront to understand our business and what we were trying to achieve, then tailored his presentation in an informative and engaging way for our team. Hamish explored energy in the workplace and provided practical and valuable tools for our team to improve the quality of their energy at work. I can recommend Hamish to all people-focused businesses and look forward to working with him again in future.

Matt Spiller, GM, NZ Underwriting Agencies Ltd

“Helped build a more positive and productive workplace.”

The dedication and commitment that Next Evolution Performance has applied to our weekly coaching sessions has resulted in a significant increase in productivity and performance in my business.

Next Evolution Performance tailors their coaching style to understand and address my business’ specific needs. Since working with Vanessa, the changes in employee engagement, morale and performance improvement have been immediate. The tools that Vanessa has provided my staff and I with to handle difficult situations have been invaluable to my business and helped to build up resilience in my staff in turn leading to a much more positive and productive workplace.

Heather Woods, Director of Zoetic

“Letting go of what’s holding you back.”

If you feel that your business is taking over your life or you simply don’t have enough hours in the day, I thoroughly recommend that you meet with Vanessa to provide some “home truths”.

Vanessa has given me clarity on what areas of my professional life that I should pursue and what areas to simply give away. No matter what your particular issues are, Vanessa can provide clear vision on matters such as clarifying your personal vision, goals and strategies, business planning, communicating with staff, prioritising your time, organising your diary and letting go of what’s holding you back

Vanessa has also provided introductions to others that have assisted me in the areas of business planning, social media and Human Resources, and her experience is not just limited to Australia, as she conducts business regularly in the US and Asia.

If you have never used the services of a professional “coach” before, I would encourage you to reach out and have a chat with Vanessa.

Mark Lewin, Markson Financial Planning

“Practical tools for sustained high performance.”

As a Private Client Adviser for one of Australia’s leading financial planning firms I have heard the phrase “To take our performance to the next level we need to work smarter, not harder!” used by managers and CEOs alike for almost a decade. Vanessa has been the first person I’ve come across who not only worked with me to change my personal beliefs around what it takes to achieve and sustain high performance but also provided me with practical tools to turn the clever sounding MBA catchphrase into a daily process for sustained high performance.

I look forward to working with Vanessa in the future and I would have no hesitation recommending Vanessa as an Executive Coach to anyone searching for a practical way to sustain high performance without burnout, or the need to sacrifice family time in order to achieve higher levels of success.

Private Client Adviser, Leading National Financial Planning Practice, Melbourne, Australia

“Alex provided expert guidance for the launch of our values.”

The NEP team has been guiding us through a key values project for our firm. One of the particular challenges of this project was how, in a 3-hour offsite session, to take the individual thoughts of 50 Partners and Directors and shape them into a core set of values to help start the values design process. Alex [Davids] managed this workshop event extremely well, taking our exec team through the key steps of the design process and maintaining interaction throughout the session to ensure everyone had the opportunity to voice their thoughts. By the end of the session, we had a starter set of values and behaviours that generated interest and attention, and we were able to use these to begin a widespread consultation process with our staff. Finding the right business to help us deliver this project was important. Alex has provided expert guidance to us through to the recent launch of our values and is continuing to work with us to ensure a successful implementation of the values into our business.

Andrew Poole, CEO,

“I’m so much more effective at work.”

This course is life-changing! Now that I know how to prioritise according to energy instead of time, I’m getting way more done in less time and it’s feeling so much easier, the quality of work I undertake has also dramatically increased. I’m so much more effective at work and I’m enjoying it more than ever. I also have more energy for my hectic and growing family.

David Grant, Sales Manager, NSW, Global Payment and Risk Management Solutions

“An easy process to get more done in less time and improved my communication with others.”

Thanks so much for all of your help and support as my coach. I have never been coached before and going in, I was quite apprehensive about what it would involve and how hard it would be, particularly when I always feel stretched for time. In fact, you made the process very easy and simple and it never felt like too much work. Instead, I feel like it gave me a solid sounding board and an opportunity to really analyse situations and look at them from a different perspective. I have learned a lot and the coaching has really helped me manage my time, set boundaries and improve the way I see myself and the way others see and interact with me.

I strongly believe the insights you have helped me grow as a leader and will continue to help me develop these skills (as I exercise my “muscles”) over time. I can’t express my gratitude enough. It was great to work with you both professionally and personally.

Sarah Galloway, Commercial Director, IFM Investors

“My team as benefitted hugely from better productivity and mindset.”

What a great experience it has been receiving coaching from Vanessa, I didn’t know what to expect and from the beginning but Vanessa was very open with her communication and the support I received from her through the coaching program was fantastic. I learnt to think differently about certain areas which increased my productivity and was able to free up a lot of my time to focus on important tasks. My team has benefitted hugely from the things I have passed down to them and also from the new mindset I’ve learnt. Thanks again Vanessa for all of your coaching and expertise you have taught me.

Ryan Bestic, Project Director, Surfers Paradise Sales

“I would not hesitate in recommending Vanessa to help clarify career goals”

It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with Vanessa over the last few months. We have focused on a number of areas, from building new neural pathways to facilitate positive thoughts through to better understanding my drivers and values as they relate to my work and career. Her weekly coaching calls are invaluable as you implement new tools and ways of being. Her coaching style is informative and gentle with very practical suggestions that have made a huge difference to the way I think and operate. I have clarity around the choices I make and how I make them as well as being very clear on my career goals and next steps. I would not hesitate in recommending Vanessa to anyone seeking to perform at the next level and who wants to have clarity on their personal career journey.

Jasia Fabig

“My firm experienced tremendous growth.”

Hands down, Vanessa is the most Powerful coach I’ve ever worked with. Her insight into limiting beliefs, energy management and leadership strategies has been invaluable for me in 2018. I’ve experienced tremendous growth (personally & financially) as a direct result of our work together, and am extremely grateful to have met her. She truly ‘gets it’ and is the most effective high performance coach you’ll ever meet. I’m certain her work will pay dividends for you—you owe it to yourself to have her help!!

Scott P

“Beliefs and goals aligned for success.”

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Vanessa from Next Evolution Performance as a professional coach for a little over 2 years.

The coaching program has been extremely beneficial to me both professionally and personally. Through regular feedback and discussions, I’ve been able to gain greater clarity of purpose, and ensure that my beliefs and goals are aligned to give the greatest chance of success.

The skills that I’ve developed through this program have had a significant impact on how I’ve led my teams, and greatly assisted me with successfully implementing numerous change initiatives.

Paul Hillyer, General Manager Holcim Vic/SA Aggregates

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