We’re thrilled you are interested in elevating the sustainable performance of your people!

In this “train the trainer” style model you get all the benefits of being able to use our Intellectual Property inhouse.

The importance of understanding, defining, building and maintaining your high-performance culture is at an all-time high. Many leaders and teams are fatigued, and burnout is on the rise. This lack of energy is slowing down workflows, and decreasing performance, profitability and accountability.

Driven by neuroscience, psychology, wellness principles and business structures, NEP provides an approach to create and sustain high performing people and high-performing businesses.

It is not the hours worked that leads to burnout, it’s how you work those hours.

Burnout is caused by overspending cognitive energy and yet very few people know this, let alone what to do with it, hence the importance of neuroscience-backed strategies.

Companies with sustainable, high performing people enjoy greater commercial success. Pop over to our ROI page to see why! See https://nextevolutionperformance.com/about/performance-leaders/

At NEP we believe:

  1. The working environment should be one where people do their best work, both individually and with others, and without feeling exhausted, frustrated or burnt out.
  2. Every company deserves to have their people generating excellent value, which can only happen if their people are consistently delivering their best work.
  3. Therefore every company deserves to know how to create an environment which allows their people to do their best work.

It is more important than ever to be coaching leaders and teams with neuroscience-backed strategies to help take the guesswork out of leadership and sustained performance.

Therefore we love partnering with like minded companies to help them to build high performing companies, leaders and teams that are sustainable.

If your company is on a mission to increase performance by ensuring your people are high performing and sustainable, why not get in touch to see if we might be a fit.

The benefits of partnering with NEP

  1. Leading-edge neuroscience updates – Access to neuroscience-based programs which have been working for many years to create sustainable and high performing leaders and teams.
  2. Achieve greater ROI get great results while delivering these programs in-house for a fraction of the cost of using an external facilitator, with strong support from NEP coaches.
  3. Build a culture of sustainable high performance – Show you are serious about providing an environment and support for your people to do their best work without burnout – a vital part of any employee value proposition.
  4. Bring the skills in house Outsourcing can be amazing but when the content is changing the lives of your people for the better, it is so useful to have the skills inside the business to bring to every new starter. Sustainable People Program means you can have your whole organisation working to their highest potential.
  5. Move at your pace Bringing the skills of sustainable high performance to your own trainers means you can roll out the program when it fits best with your internal pressures. Tie in the subjects with other initiatives you have going on and make sure it’s run at a pace that works for your people.

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