You must be amazing! We really love working with high-performing people.

At NEP we are on a mission to build sustainable, high performing companies full of sustainable, high performing people.

Companies like this enjoy much greater commercial success than those that don’t focus on it!


Read on if you’re interested in coaching with us.

At NEP we believe:

  1. The working environment should be one where people do their best work, both individually and with others, and without feeling exhausted, frustrated or burnt out.
  2. Every company deserves to have their people generating excellent value for the company (which can only happen if the people are working in accordance with point 1).
  3. Therefore every company deserves to know how to create an environment which allows their people to do their best work.

It is more important than ever to be coaching leaders and teams with neuroscience-backed strategies to take the guesswork out of leadership and sustained performance.

Therefore we love partnering with like-minded coaches to help them to build long-lasting high-performing companies, leaders and teams.

Below is an overview of NEP’s Coach Licensing Model for use by individual practitioners.

At NEP we are focused on delivering to our clients high quality consulting and coaches services. Therefore working with coaches of that same high level and mentality is integral to our business, our clients and our impact.

If you are on a similar mission to deliver high quality, impactful coaching support, get in touch to see if we might be a fit!

The benefits of partnering with NEP

Competitive edge

  • Understanding cognitive energy is one of the systemic changes to the way people operate which is effective in reducing burnout, and yet most people have no concept of it, let alone how to use it effectively.
  • The neuroscience behind cognitive energy is constantly evolving, and very few providers have their frameworks set up to evolve quickly, which means that many leadership programs are behind the curve on what really is the most effective approach.

More time with clients and more revenue

  • NEP coaches are running highly profitable businesses. By accessing our Intellectual Property, coaching and presenting materials and business development systems and processes, you’ll be able to spend way more time doing what you love to do – helping your amazing clients!
  • We stay on top of the latest neuroscience research so you don’t have to, while you still benefit from being on the cutting edge.
  • Potential for collaboration on client projects with other like minded expert coaches – there are plenty of companies in need, so there will be many opportunities to work together to support their challenges.

Collective wisdom of coaches

  • We believe in only working with truly dedicated and talented coaches to deliver high quality results for our clients. You’ll be connecting with other amazing people to elevate your own coaching approach and skills.
  • You will receive support on everything from client cases to running a successful business from our team and grow your own business through our experience and lessons. You’ll have access to all the systems, processes and templates that we use in our business.
  • Some people say that great minds think alike, but they also provide challenge and growth – you’ll grow personally and professionally through the varied experiences and expertise of our team.


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