Are you feeling like an energy yoyo?

Probably one of the most common ambitions people have in coaching sessions is to find more consistent energy. It is most likely that people are looking for more energy, rather than low energy, but “consistent” is the word we pull out to work with.

We yearn to feel good all the time. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? At first glance, we might think that it sounds pretty amazing to have consistently incredible energy. Would we ever stop? I know that I’d complete more of the things I had on my list to do, read more books, do more exercise, spend more time with my children. Many of these things might be on your list too. The problem is, time is finite, even if energy is not. And, even with great energy, our body must rest. In fact, rest is part of what allows us to have great energy.

So, rest we must.

This need for rest is part of our natural cycle. In Ayurvedic practices, they refer to the “Ayurvedic clock” that describes how our body grows in energy in the morning and then naturally needs to retreat, rest and restore in evening and through the night.  It is when we really honour this natural cycle that we find our ability to focus clearly, give real attention to things and feel great while doing it. This is energy.

Energy cycles throughout our day. It is natural to have lower points when our body is digesting food or perhaps recovering from exercise (post the immediate endorphin high) and of course after a broken sleep.

Many of us around the world are experiencing energy cycles throughout lockdowns and restricted periods. Life looks a lot different than it did 18 months ago. We may find we feel calm and in control for a week or more, and then have a few days of feeling “over it”. This is just our body, and emotions, working in cycles. While energy is affected by many things (nearly everything) by stepping back from our everyday thought processes and noticing our cycles of highs and lows we can be less affected by them.  We can observe our changing states and allow the lower feelings to be less impactful by simply acknowledging them.

Low energy periods are often for processing. We might be processing food or exercise, or more often, emotion. In order to process we need to slow down.  Imagine the body trying to digest a big meal while we are running. We would make ourselves sick! Emotional processing is the same. We have to slow our minds and energy down to process periods of heavy emotion or uncertainty – something we are all experiencing regularly.

So, give yourself a break and step back from trying to have perfectly consistent high energy. Lower energy periods are there for a reason. They support you to move through an experience. We have to go through them if we are to return to a state of full energy. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself the time (and space) to go low for short periods. You will find your ability to bounce back will be stronger for it.