IQ and EQ will get you high performing individuals – but to be a high performing team you need “We.Q”

Regardless of the size of the company, businesses are complex. And often when it comes to solving problems there are a number of complex interweaving systems and issues which are at play.

To complicate the issue even further, when we at NEP are brought in to solve specific issues, those issues are usually symptoms rather than root causes of what’s really going on.

There is never a “one size fits all” approach to solving a problem. And often it’s hard for people to even agree on what the problem actually is.

Enter team coaching!

So we know about IQ and even EQ which is the emotional intelligence of the individuals, but team coaching is useful to bring out the “We.Q”, the term the  Global Team Coaching Institute uses to describe the emotional intelligence of the collective team.

This is the secret sauce of high performing teams.

Often we see teams have individuals with great individual IQ and EQ but the leader says to us, “I have a great group of high performing individuals but together the team is just not as high performing as it could be”.

Ideally the team performance should be greater than the sum of the individuals, but all too often that just isn’t the case.

And we are seeing this is becoming even more of an issue in a hybrid environment where communication isn’t quite what it used to be.

How do we use team coaching at NEP?

We typically do team coaching with people once they are already armed with at least our foundational content.

That said, we can also do team coaching to help people to uncover the real root issues of a problem, and not just the problem they think they have, as well as all the issues at play.

Either way, in team coaching sessions, we aren’t providing any new content, or being seen as the expert in the room. In team coaching the expertise is within the team. It just our job to ask questions to help bring out that expertise and then see where that conversation takes us.

What are some of the possible benefits of team coaching for you and your teams?

Take a step back ­– People get so busy with the “doing”, they forget to step back and look out to the bigger picture and question how and why they are doing things the way they are. Team coaching helps everyone to take a step back. And this leads to………

Better implementation – Ongoing team coaching can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the implementation of previously learned ideas to increase the effectiveness of the implementation. Ideas and content are great, but it’s the implementation which leads to success.

Creating more leaders – At NEP we always talk about self-leadership and how teams function more effectively when everyone sees themselves as a leader rather than just being there to be led by others. Everyone in the team has responsibility for the psychological safety of others, and contributing to the performance of others.

So it can be beneficial to have someone else come in and coach the team as a whole, so that the leader with the title can elevate everyone to step up as a leader.

Insights – Leaders always say they find out information from their teams – how they are operating, pain points, and great ideas that they hadn’t heard before.

All of this contributes to the effectiveness of a hybrid environment which, as we know, doesn’t just happen by osmosis.

Your team members have the answers, they just need an environment to bring out the possibilities.

If you think your team might be ready for team coaching we have super cost-effective packages to help you and your team keep the conversation going to increase your We.Q.

So please reach out for a 15 minute complimentary consultation about team coaching.

You just never know what nuggets of gold could be discovered!