You don’t need more “tools” and “hacks”, you need to implement the ones you already have

It’s always a good feeling to know that so many people love our content. And it’s great to see that after a workshop or presentation people often contact us wanting more. It might seem odd, but in many cases rather than try to offer more content, our next step is often to help them to cement the implementation of the content they have already heard.

Content might be want people want, but implementation is what people really need.

Let’s face it, after a workshop or keynote presentation we often have so many concepts we want to take away and put into practice but if you try to implement more than around 3 things at a time, science suggests that you more likely to implement absolutely nothing.

So we encourage people to focus on implementing just one thing (possibly two maximum if they are related) over the coming weeks. And if you only implement only one thing after a workshop – you will still end up getting some great results. So well done you!

However, if you have a process to implement 3, 5, 7 or more things over the course of the coming months, imagine how impactful that one workshop becomes!

Enter group coaching…

So it’s at this point that we highly recommend group coaching. What exactly is group coaching? Glad you asked…… No prizes for guessing it’s done in a group. It can be facilitated just as easily in a virtual room or an actual room.

Instead of providing more content, we have a theme and generally this is based on some aspect of implementation of previous content. An NEP coach facilitates discussion around what has been working, what might need some tweaking and to clarify and discuss as a group any questions or concerns they might have about the implementation process.

People are then encouraged to think about what’s the next thing (or two) they will focus on implementing and then we can repeat the process in another group session a few weeks down the track.

So it can be useful to have a few group coaching sessions say 3-4 weeks apart to help deepen the level of implementation and results gained after any workshop or conference.

This can be a super cost-effective way to turbo charge the results of the initial workshop.

Slow and steady wins the implementation race

By implementing gradually over the course of a couple of months, you are more likely to exponentially increase your implementation rate and therefore your results and profitability.

Your implementation may need to be tweaked based on a change in situation

The pandemic was a classic example where we were helping existing clients to implement the tools they already have in quite a different environment. So while the tools didn’t change, the application did. And as with all tools, it’s the application that’s the key. The way that these tools can be applied in multiple situations also shows how powerful they are!

So through the pandemic we were helping our clients adapt the tools they knew and were familiar with to their new situations. Group coaching was an integral method we used to help people with this.

You have the answers inside you already, or maybe someone in your team has the answers you need. But often you just need a coach to create the time and space to draw these answers out of you to aid your implementation.

So rather than just being a content junky, become an implementation junky. That’s where the real magic lies.

If you would like to know more about our group coaching options or just have questions about group coaching as a concept, please get in touch.