Do you review your learnings?

1 year of unfathomable change

In reviewing some of my blog posts I came across something I wrote at the end of New Zealand’s first lockdown of approximately 61/2  weeks. It was a note to myself really to remember the lessons I took out of being at home and watching the world slow down and settle in to some strange new reality. It was a reminder to myself of the importance of reviewing our lessons often.

We’re in the business of learning and growth. That means that it’s hugely important for us to understand how people change and grow, what triggers change and what sustains it. We spend a lot of time looking at the neuroscience of the brain and how we can rewire it to help change stick. There are all sorts of strategies and commitments we can engage in, some more complicated than others. One of the simplest ways we can make new learning stick is to simply review it regularly.

So, here I am, reviewing my learning from nearly 1 year ago when our country was about to emerge from its hibernation back into some “normality”. I have to say, that sadly, many of the changes I had hoped would come into play, have not. However, I am seeing that across the country (and the world), many positives have emerged too.

Here’s what I’m coming back to:

  • Listen to nature
  • Offer support in many ways, to many people
  • Let go of the little stuff
  • When I am present with my kids, I am a MUCH better person
  • Slow down
  • Breath – consciously, often
  • Connection happens in many ways
  • Human connection is irreplaceable
  • Human connection is hard (but not impossible) without physical presence
  • We should get quiet more
  • The world needs to change
  • Business is human – it is about humans – let it reflect what humans need
  • The world won’t survive if we keep going the way we are
  • Staying home can be amazing
  • We’re all in the same storm but in very different ships
  • Be kind. Be kinder than you ever imagined.
  • We’re all in this together. Actually.
  • Life is fragile
  • Stay open and vulnerable – that’s where courage comes from

So, if you haven’t done it lately, review what you are learning. Make a practice of it every day, or every week at least. This is how we grow, and growth is fundamental to the sustainability of us all.