Self-growth burnout

Working on yourself is hard. We now have so many resources at our fingertips to constantly be reviewing who we are and how we work that it can be overwhelming.

Our minds are overloaded, if we want them to be, with podcasts for betterment, books on performance, online courses to challenge our thinking, workshops and classes that strengthen body and mind. The world is set up now to offer so many courses from the comfort of your own home.

And it’s definitely enticing… the promises of what we can find and who we can become are limitless.

I have certainly fallen victim to buying a course I’ve never completed despite my best intentions. I’ve spoken to many others who sometimes feel that just signing up for the course is as good as having done it! Unlike courses that require us to be there in person, we don’t tend to plan out when we will complete online courses and they often fall by the wayside because they haven’t been scheduled in.

When we are able to engage in the plethora of self-growth materials effectively it can be hugely rewarding. We are so very lucky to have very close access to some of the greatest minds in the world at just the touch of a button. Listen to President Obama and Bruce Springsteen chat away on their latest podcast, have Brené Brown read you her book on Audible, hear from the highest performing business people, or the very committed activist Greta Thunberg on any number of platforms. Access is all too easy.

But, there can be a cost! All of this continuous self-work can send our minds spinning. If we never give ourselves space to digest what we are hearing and learning, we actually can’t do the work we need to do to make change.

Change and growth take time. They take reflection. We have to create the space that allows for this change. It won’t just happen from continuous consumption of information. It would be so nice if we could simply read a book and let it permeate our being and transform us into whatever heightened version of ourselves we hope to be. I certainly work with clients who have consumed so many insightful reads but still struggle with shifting their perspectives.

Avoid the self-help burnout. Diving deep into self-improvement 24 hours a day has its consequences too. When it does reach a point of overwhelm we are no longer staying present with what we can change today. Let go of the total self-revolution and focus on the one or two small things that can create big change today. Implement one thing at a time. Focus on one new concept. Then review it, bring it back into your focus over and over again until you really feel the change in you – or decide it’s not a concept you want to take on.

Change takes time. Growth takes commitment. Build the space into your life to work on the changes you really think will make a difference to you.