Smashing comfort zones

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to experience what it’s like to be pushed, really pushed, out of your comfort zone, you’ll know it’s a horrible experience.

It can make you want to be sick when you’re in the midst of it. You know it’s happening because everything feels completely new, somewhat out of control and you feel exposed. Vulnerable. Potentially, full of shame.

When we’re in this mode of vulnerability, we are usually facing up to the way we’ve seen the world, or ourselves for a long time and trying to be open to changing that. Because our comfort zone is so safe (that’s why it’s called “comfort”) we don’t stray from it lightly. We tend to plan it out and go into the adventure knowing that it is likely going to hurt.

Comfort zones are such lovely places to be. We are usually happy in this zone. Life feels easy; smooth sailing; carefree.

So why then, do we ever leave our comfort zone? Why do I consider it to be “lucky” to be pushed out of your comfort zone?

Your most monumental change happens when you are willing to be uncomfortable and confused. A mentor of mine used to say, “Don’t fear confusion, it means you are about to learn something.”

It is also a place where trust blossoms and we find new ways to become our most authentic selves. We have to build trust when we play outside of our comfort zones, firstly with ourselves, to allow us to open up, then with the person / people we are opening up to. It is risky and hard but the best part is, once we conquer an emotional comfort zone, there is no going back.

We become a new person, unable to go back to who we were prior to that experience. It becomes easier and easier to trust, to be us and to show up more aligned to our values than ever before.

To get to a new level of insight you have to break through your comfort zone. Sure enough, once you have, there will be another one just ahead but therein lies the next opportunity to grow, to see the world differently, to be more open, more trusting, more vulnerable all over again.

This process is essential to our world, to understanding each other as humans and to our ability to grow together. Be brave, be bold, be willing to get uncomfortable, and your ability to connect to others, to grow and to understand will never end.

Of course if you would like some help to smash through your comfort zone, please get in touch.