Why high performers need leadership coaching more than anyone

Let’s face it, leadership is hard. And effective leadership requires skills in areas like neuroscience, psychology, performance, burnout (and the list goes on…..). These aren’t skills that anyone is just born with. These are learned skills that take time to learn.

I’ve heard many people say, “that person doesn’t have leadership skills”. My response is “Well, did you coach them to develop their leadership skills? (Because if you didn’t that’s possibly YOUR bad leadership skills – not theirs.) I should note that I don’t always make friends at that point but at least I get them thinking!

And to take it a step further, high performers probably need leadership skills more than others. High performers are great at getting stuff done and can be quite inspirational, but leadership doesn’t always come naturally to them. Here’s why……..

Very few people are at their level

The great thing about being a high performer is that it’s easy to stand out from the crowd, because others, well…… aren’t as high performing as you. Unfortunately the downside is that it can be frustrating when most people don’t operate at your level. Learning the mindset to see that as a good thing rather than a source of frustration is a great step to leading others in order to lift them up rather than to obliterate them.

They are hard on themselves and probably hard on others

High performers have super high expectations of themselves which is why they push themselves to perform even better. The downside is that they often put these high expectations onto others which others can find deflating when they constantly fall short. Not saying the bar should be lowered, but there is a way to raise the bar while still ensuring psychological safety.

They are great at what they do naturally and often find it hard to make a process around what they do

In order to coach others, they need to have a process around what they do so that it can be replicated. When things come so naturally to them, it’s often hard for them to realise why others don’t do the same naturally. However when they can define what they do as a process, they can more easily coach others.

They find it hard to understand that others do things differently

At Next Evolution Performance, we are all about the results, and often people can get results in different ways. High performers often find it hard to realise that others do things differently, and that’s ok. With the right coaching they can deal with this better.

High performers can be great leaders

As a leader, when you identify your high performers, they will probably want to lead others at some stage. Just because they aren’t amazing at it straight off the bat doesn’t mean that they can’t learn to be amazing at leading. And when you have a high performer with great leadership skills, well that’s where the magic happens.

Are you a high performer wanting to take your leadership career into your own hands, or do you have a high performer in your team you would like to promote? Either way, why not get in touch so that we can help cultivate the leaders of the future.


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