Biohacking – it’s a thing – here’s our take on the situation…

I was recently on a flight and watched a documentary on biohacking and smart drugs. Long story short it followed the journey of a keynote speaker who was a futurist. He was looking to find new and clever ways to enhance his brain function (biohacking) so that he could avoid getting burnt out like he had previously done due to a supposedly gruelling work and travel schedule. (Obviously he wasn’t a keynote speaker on performance mastery with Next Evolution Performance!)

As part of the journey he was looking for quick fixes to help him perform at the right time, be creative at the right time, increase cognitive efficiency at the right time and of course sleep at the right time.

“Smart drugs”

His journey took him first to the quick fixes, the rise of “smart drugs” or “nootropics” as they are known. These are drugs, supplements etc that are designed to improve cognitive function when required. He was taking different drugs to increase brain function, then relax it so that he could sleep, then be creative when he needed and the list went on. Interesting he just ended up getting really wired, without being able to sleep and his performance actually went down and he felt more burnt out.

“Back to basics”

Then he went back to basics to see a doctor who focused on wellness and how to prevent the burnout. Interestingly this took him to a discovery of eating better and moving more and taking a few tailored supplements – I know what you are thinking……mmmmm ground breaking!

However this didn’t really work – unfortunately the diet and exercise prescription was a little too…well….prescriptive and didn’t fit with his schedule so he ended up getting more stressed by not sticking to the plan – again not the ideal result he was looking for.

Finally a performance coach was brought in to “save the day”

Once that didn’t work – he ended up seeing a performance coach – I know – he should have just started there, but perhaps I’m a little biased. Interestingly the performance coach did some work understanding his mindset and belief systems and that put him a step in the right direction in being able to make some choices around his work and lifestyle.

Your performance mastery plan needs to be tailored with a solid understanding of the intersection of neuroscience and psychology

The documentary didn’t really go into more detail than that, but it’s safe to say that in our experience, there is plenty of bio-hacking already available which is all completely natural – it just takes an understanding of the intersection of psychology and neuroscience and that no two brains are created the same. So a performance coach with a really solid understanding of these areas will be able to help you to hack your own brain without requiring drugs.

Ways to hack your brain without requiring drugs…

There are sooooo many tools that we have in our kitbag at Next Evolution Performance, and then we tailor them to your needs. But broadly speaking it’s about helping you to have an understanding of how your natural energy works and then to work with it to spend more effectively to increase your energy and lift your overall performance.

For example, doing the right tasks at the right time, at the right personal pace with the right mindset is a good philosophy. Just one really tiny yet powerful hack is that neuroscience tells us we are more creative when we are moving – so it makes sense to move when you need to think about a problem or strategy in a creative way. For example, I get most of my ideas for blogs or new ways to explain neuroscientific concepts in simple ways when I’m out running or while I’m walking between meetings. I would never sit down at my computer and go….”mmmmmm time to get creative”.

And there are so many more – if you would like tailored help with your own biohacking, why not get in touch today?


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