The challenge of writing a blog as a coach

As coaches, we listen. We listen really, really well. We listen so well that we don’t hear our own thoughts anymore. We just hear what is happening for our clients, and I don’t mean just through their words. I mean, we hear what is happening behind their words. We hear what is happening in their energy and what their words are trying to either mask, or show them.

We listen to the way they breathe, the way they move, the way they walk into the room. We listen to who they are and what they want from their life, or their current role or their relationships or just their time with us. We listen to all the events that have led them to where they are today and all the habits they have formed. We listen to who they think they are. We listen to how they see themselves in front of other people. We listen to how they want to see themselves in their own image, and how they actually do.

We listen this well because that is the role of a coach; to listen, to really hear the real story. The real story that is made up of energy and thoughts and decisions and a whole lot of messy words that brings a person to where they are today.

Then, our role is to show you that story. That messy story about who you are and who you think you should be. We show you that story so that you can hear it the way we have heard it, so you can begin to discover the truth about what is possible for you, about how incredibly clever and brave you already are and about how confident you have every right to be.

We listen this well so that we can show you the clearer version of your story. The one that allows you to realise that all those stories and words you have in your head are just that, stories. And now you can create one that serves you much better.

This is why writing (blogs or otherwise) can be a real challenge. It is the opposite of listening. It is talking and sharing and in many ways exposing our (delete that), MY stories. It requires sharing my views on why the world is the way it is and allowing you, the reader, to pick that all apart. I write on topics that I think will reveal a little insight into how to understand yourself better and in the process, I get to learn a bit about myself through writing it. I attempt to share things that allow you to ask questions about how you, or perhaps your company, are doing things so that you can grow and evolve and serve those that you are serving from a place of greater integrity and authenticity.

Coaches, when they are really doing the coaching (not consulting) part, don’t share their views, they simply show you your own in a new light. Of course, I have views on most things, but they are largely about how important it is we care for ourselves and each other and make the most out of our time by letting go of things that hold us down and figuring out how to get inspired and be inspiring to others. Largely, they are about the many ways in which we get in our own way and how we can learn from everything, even writing, about ourselves so we can offer our best to the world and those we love.


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