Leaders who provide this service can increase their team’s performance and profitability

I still remember in my very first job with one of the big accounting firms that work started at 8.45am (or earlier) and finished at 5.15pm at the earliest. Lunch was from 1pm to 2pm. And definitely not 12.59 to 2.01. And that was for everyone – not just the new kids like me. And you would never dream of whipping out for any personal errands during work hours, even if the errand took way less time outside of the lunchtime or evening rush.

Any personal problems or issues that needed to be dealt with – well best deal with them in your own time. Leave your troubles at the door and get on with racking up some chargeable hours. And this was no bad reflection on this firm, all the other accounting firms at the time were pretty much the same. I certainly had a great time working there, I met some great people and am very thankful for my time there. And I’m sure they have all come a long way since then.

In fact, many businesses are now seeing that it’s not so much work and life these days, it’s really just life, and lots of things need to get done and more importantly we are seeing that things that are going on outside of work really do often impact the way we perform at work. And let’s face it, thanks to technology, it seems we all have a lot more going on dealing with issues surrounding kids, friends, family, aging parents, relationships, divorces, mixed marriages, the list goes on. We certainly seem to have so many more options these days, but with these options often comes a lot more decision making, stress, anxiety and increasing demands on our energy. And thanks to social media we often just keep raising the bar on what it means to be a great parent, a productive worker, a successful business owner, a loving partner and again the list goes on.

So all of these issues outside of work are taking some energy. And at Next Evolution Performance we always talk about energy mastery – the ability to increase your energy and learn how to invest it wisely. As a leader it’s important to understand that given the demands of living today – it’s no longer enough knowing how to master your energy at work, we need to help people learn how to master their energy in life as a whole. So like it or not, things going out outside of work will generally impact performance in the absence of great energy mastery techniques. And in all my years of leadership I’ve never met anyone who was going through issues outside of work who could miraculously “turn it on” at work. At least not sustainably.

Help your team master their energy outside of work…

It therefore makes a lot of sense to help people with ways to increase their energy mastery outside of work so that they can bring their best selves and levels of energy to work.

Now as a leader, you may find that you enjoy doing this kind of coaching with your team. Of course if you don’t have a fairly sound knowledge of psychology and neuroscience, you may feel you are a little out of your depth or perhaps you just “don’t want to go there”. And that’s a fair call, especially if that’s not where your energy is best spent. In cases like that it may make sense to bring in a performance coach to help you with this.

Being able to navigate energy around life issues and events is a skill desirable by any employer…

At NEP we have always focused on the whole person – both inside and outside of work – as it’s virtually impossible to increase performance inside of work if you don’t deal with what’s going on outside.

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