My New Year resolution – and how it’s tracking……

So for those of you who haven’t heard, my New Year Resolution this year was to do two yoga classes a week when I’m Sydney and at least one on the weekend if I’m travelling for work during the week.

Now for those of you who know me, you may know that yoga is really not my favourite thing to do. I like to run and jump and lift things and put them back down again. And that’s ok.

Alas, I know the importance of maintaining flexibility so that I can enjoy movement for many years to come and it’s a great way to help with that. So while I’ve dabbled over the years it’s time to take this yoga thing a little more seriously for the sake of all my other much loved forms of movement. The best time to start would be have been 20 years ago. The next best time is 2019!

So how have I made it happen?

These ideas might be useful for you and any changes you are trying to make.

Get connected to the benefits for YOU

You’ve probably gathered by now the benefit for me is about keeping me moving for many years in other ways. So that is a really strong reason for me. If you can’t come up with a reason that really strong – like at least an 8 on a scale of 1-10….don’t bother! Find something else to focus on.

And don’t worry about the benefits that other people find or the benefits that you feel you should be getting. Just focus on the benefits that you will get out of the goal and that’s all you need to worry about.

Make it achievable

I then had to make it achievable so that I can believe at least an 8 out of 10 that I can make it happen. I needed to factor in my work travel and my other exercise. Realistically, if I’m in Sydney all week I can make it to two classes but if not then one on the weekend is all I can really hope for. So that’s my goal.

I also need to choose classes which are shorter in length – 45 minutes to one hour – I’m naturally a fast paced person so 90 minutes of yoga doesn’t interest me one bit. Maybe I’ll get there but not now and that’s ok.

Pre-empt roadblocks

I also needed to make sure I have access to heaps of classes which will suit my ever-changing schedule. So in addition to the great classes I have access to through Fitness First (where I teach fitness classes), I also joined another chain with multiple yoga studios across Sydney.

How am I going?

Well I’m pleased to say that so far on I’m track. I have so many classes to choose from that even my unpredictable schedule is no reason not to make it to a class.

I keep focusing on the benefits for my other forms of exercise. My goal isn’t to become flexible like a pretzel. I don’t care that I don’t look the same as everyone else in the poses. I’ve done a lot of great things to earn my lack of flexibility and that’s ok. For me, I just need to maintain a level of flexibility that allows me to do all the other forms of movement that I love. And for me that’s a great goal.

I also find that once I’ve gotten myself into my version of a pose my mind is relatively still – similar to that meditative state I find when I run. And guess what, that’s the point where more great ideas come into my mind. And again, I’m ok with that. If it helps with a moment of clarity about a client situation, or workshop ideas then even better. As far as I’m concerned, that’s one of the benefits of a still mind – more great ideas.

So when the instructor says, “if you feel your thoughts leaving the room”……it’s ok if my natural response is, “oh honey – you are deluded if you believe that my thoughts were ever in the room”. Again, it’s only my goal from yoga that counts…. Not the instructor’s goals, and not anyone else in that room.

So focus on your goals and I hope you have been successful in starting the year with some great changes for you.

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