Can you really personalise performance in a team setting?

At Next Evolution Performance we pride ourselves on individualising performance. There are no two humans exactly alike. We have so many different factors that make up our perspective it’s a wonder we can even sit in the same room as other people and find common ground, let alone come to unified decisions together. We are influenced by our families (generations of them), our mothers’ and fathers’ parenting styles, our parents’ beliefs, our environment, our homes, our ethnicity, our job and career history, our physicality, our education (and every person we meet within that), travel, society, movies we see, and the list goes on . . . Every single experience we have shapes us and makes us unique.

We also know that when it comes to being a true high performer, there is no one-size-fits all way to keep your performance up. It is our unique aspirations, dreams and motivation paired with our current life circumstances that defines how we need to develop our mindset, our structure and our physical health, and create a life that is sustainable and energised.

These simple facts are enough to make us think that a workshop environment with so many other viewpoints and individual needs would be a fairly useless setting for us to really think about how we can individually apply such topics to our unique selves. How could we possibly figure out what we uniquely need based on a generic workshop about theories to improve our performance?

The answer lies here…

Somehow, we manage to come to agreement with other people on many topics. Somehow, we stay in happy relationships for long periods of time. Somehow, we build teams that are all on board with the same vision and the same approach. We must have more in common with these other unique beings than we first thought!

At our core as humans, we have a fundamental need to connect with other humans. It’s as important to us on many levels as food, water and shelter. We look for other people we can identify with – people who might have shared an experience we have had, or lived in a place we have lived. We seek out identifying just a little part of us in other people and when we find that – something we can relate to, something honest and true about another person, we have connection.

That connection, as it is something we see in ourselves, is what we learn from. We learn what that attribute looks like. You can think of your connections as your mirror. What does my struggle look like from the outside? What does my happiness look like in this mirror? Do I like how it looks? Could I make it better? Our deepest connections offer us a way of looking into ourselves that we cannot find anywhere else.

As such, spending time with other humans on a similar journey, in a safe and trusting environment, can offer us some of the greatest learning of our lives. The key to successful workshops of course is to know how to listen, really listen and understand the perspectives of others, where it comes from and then to determine how that perspective is showing up in ourselves.

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