The power of a day out

Recently I sat through a powerful workshop run by my impressive colleague. She took a group of co-workers who didn’t connect regularly on a journey through understanding mindset and using mindset to improve productivity and performance. There were many amazing “ah-ha” moments and insights that the individuals of the group took away to apply into their lives, but what struck me was the impact that the mere opportunity for them all to connect had on the collective energy levels.

They felt special. They felt acknowledged. They felt valued. These were words they used when describing how good it was to be invited by their superiors to attend a workshop that was about their own development and to spend some time looking into their needs. This feeling had elevated their commitment to the business and their roles before the session had even begun.

Then, they started discussing the topics at hand – mindset, energy, positive psychology , working with appropriate levels of stress, and avoiding becoming overwhelmed. They listened intently to each other and it was clear there was a level of respect deepening as they did. They heard that there were others who felt as they did and they heard that there were others going through things they hadn’t realised. They heard ideas that they could use in their own roles and concepts that could be implemented to benefit them immediately. The value from their connection with each other alone was clear.

It was when they were given the opportunity towards the end of the day to coach one another that the biggest shift occurred. They were actually able to support one another in a new way. They were able to ask questions, without providing answers, that allowed the other person to shift their perspective and to consider how they could approach a challenge in their life with confidence. They became aware of one another and aware that there was a deeper level of support available to them, right under their noses, if they were willing to ask.

Yes, some openness and trust was required. That seemed to come fairly easily when it was offered from both sides. The overarching achievement of the day however, was that all it took to improve the commitment and performance of this group of people was a day together, a day out of work to listen and be heard. A simple and effective way of boosting the performance in any business; give people the space to connect.


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