What can the iRobot teach us about energy management?

Now I’ll admit when it comes to household chores I really don’t like them. They are a massive drain of my energy to even think about doing them. Thankfully my wonderful partner is amazing at doing the cooking, but he doesn’t love vacuuming much more than I do. The flipside is we both really love walking barefoot on super clean floorboards. And thanks to the lovely flowthrough breeze which also brings lots of dust, and our gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who sheds……..it’s a little tricky keeping our floorboards super clean.

Mmmmmm the conundrum – love clean floor boards……hate cleaning them. And our cleaner comes once a fortnight but we like clean floor boards every day.

Enter the irobot – Among many other gorgeous gifts last Christmas, my partner bought me an irobot – if you google it you’ll find out that it’s a little robot which you set to work and it cleans every inch of your floorboards. Under couches……no problem……heaps of dog hair and dust…….easy…..crumbs and food in the kitchen…….gone!

Yes I was a little sceptical but we put him to work (we affectionately call him “Will” – as in Smith).

A bit over an hour later Will gave a little tune to let us know he was done with his chore and we looked at what he had picked up – it was ridiculous how much dirt, dust, dog hair crumbs that he picked up.

We popped him to work the next day and again were shocked by the amount that he picked up and how amazing our floors felt

And maybe I need to get out more but it reminded me of a few quick tips when it comes to managing your energy credits……..

  1. Manage energy not time – Now to be fair Will probably takes about 3 times as long to vacuum as what we could. Even though it may only take us (and by us I mean my partner!) 20 minutes to vacuum, if we (ok he) were to vacuum every day that not only adds up in time but it certainly adds up to more energy spent where we could be doing something else which is far more energising.
  2. Outsource anything that someone or something can do 80% as well as you can – It may take others longer – and it may not be as perfect as you would do it, but if it frees up your energy to do something else re-energising or to direct that energy into earning more revenue, then that’s a better result than you doing it yourself.

I see so many people arrive at work on Monday already with less energy than they should because they spent so much of their weekend doing chores. Outsource whatever you can to free you up to be more awesome at what you do.

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