Feeling frustrated, bored, undervalued? That’s awesome…here’s why…

Part of achieving high performance is making sure you are doing work you really enjoy. So a big part of what we do at Next Evolution Performance is to help people to find a role or career they get excited to get out of bed for. This could be the next step in your career in the company you’re already in, the next challenge in a different company, or a career change altogether.

The neuroscience of the comfort zone

So many people these days seem to coast along in their comfort zone and when you understand neuroscience it’s understandable why……our brains have a natural urge to look for safety so the comfort zone fulfils that. So even if we aren’t super excited to get to work, it often feels safer than the unknown and so we stay there….better the devil you know – right??

Comfort zone be gone

Given that the comfort zone is where we can be tempted to hang just a little too long, we often need a little (or sometimes a big) push to get out of it. Enter feelings of boredom, frustration, being undervalued and many others – all of which can be our new best friends.

The upside of feeling frustrated, bored, undervalued

Now while we don’t generally go out actively seeking these feelings, when they are with us, it pays to take heed. All of these feelings take our energy so it really doesn’t make any sense to keep feeling these for too long without making a change. The hardest part is that making change also takes energy and so it’s better to recognise this and start putting your energy into making the change rather than continuing with the negative thoughts.

Make the change sooner rather than later

So these negative feelings can become a positive to give you the impetus you need to make a change. But if you take too long to act, it’s possible that the negative feelings may start to impact your mindset and your ability to get the great change you truly deserve.

That’s why you need to be honest with yourself and starting using your energy to make the changes you truly deserve. Of course coaching can help you to get you to where you truly deserve much faster, so please do feel free to get in touch with us.


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