Life can require some additional energy every now and then…….here’s how to deal.

Recently I moved house. This can be reasonably big life event for anyone who hates admin. And other than staying with friends for three months while I renovated my house 5 years ago, I haven’t moved for 10 years. And other than loving where I was living, the very big reason for that was that I remembered just how much energy moving house actually takes!

There are obviously the logistics of moving all your stuff – perhaps even trying to sell things as part of the move. You also need to change over your bills and if like me, you were moving from somewhere you own, you need to organise for your house to be rented or sold – another set of logistics……..

And not to mention the household admin from the changing over of bills, getting internet etc reconnected and trying to remember where you put everything once you’ve unpacked.

And even once you’ve moved in – even just getting places takes extra energy. You need to get on top of new public transport or driving routes as well as learning how long it takes to get to all your usual places eg work from your new hood. And then of course you may need to look for new local places such as where to get bread you like, new dry cleaners etc.

In a nutshell, even the simple things that you used to spend absolutely no energy credits on at all because you did it them on autopilot, now take a lot more energy credits. The whole moving exercise can often mean that there aren’t many energy credits left for other things.

Here are a few tips to help you to save some energy credits when moving house……

1. Outsource as much as possible

If you can get someone to project the manage the whole process…great. Otherwise outsource as much as you possibly can at least re packing, moving, unpacking etc.

2. Accept that moving is going to take energy credits and budget for that

You can’t outsource everything including deciding on your new favourite bread. So you need to budget your energy for a few weeks. For example it’s best to move house during a slightly quieter period at work or perhaps clear the diary of any extra social engagements. If you try to do it all you will just end up spending energy your body just doesn’t have and will probably be more susceptible to colds and flu.

3. Once you’re in, deal with the admin according to your pace

Faster paced people will probably only want to do a few bits of heavy admin at a time. For example, we just made one or two phone calls each evening after work for switching over bills etc. Slower paced people might prefer to do these all at once.

And before the move I spent half an hour each day for a few weeks leading up to the move to cleaning out every drawer, cupboard etc. A slower paced person with a longer attention span probably would have dedicated longer blocks but over a shorter period of time to doing this part of the process.

The moral to the story……

Life events of any description can take extra energy credits and that’s ok. Just budget for them, do everything as close to your pace as possible. And most importantly remember all the other positives about everything else you have going on to help you put it all in perspective.


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