Time is fixed. Energy we can create more of

Who has ever been told they need to ‘manage their time more efficiently’? I know I have! And the majority of the time this message comes from a person who just doesn’t understand why you can’t be more organised and efficient like them. You’re obviously not very efficient with your time. Sound familiar?

The reality is time is actually fixed. There are 168 hours in a week, and that’s fixed – we can’t create more of that. But energy is where it’s at. Have you ever tried to work on something when you’re really tired? Yeah, and how did that go? Not good! So would we agree it makes fairly common sense that if you have more energy you can get your performance up?

So how does this work?

We need to start with the understanding that no two brains are built the same. And this is a good thing. In the example above, it’s not that either one are incorrect, but more about managing our individual energy according to our own personal pace to produce optimal outcomes. You can have two people doing the exact same role in a completely different way and still get the same desired outcome.

Let’s think of morning people. The old saying is ‘the early bird catches the worm’. But what if you’re not an early bird? What if the thought of waking up before the sun rises to deal with life in general literally causes you anguish? You stress the night before that your alarm wont go off, you wake every hour on the hour checking the time, only to fall into a deep sleep 30mins prior to your alarm actually going off and wake up feeling exhausted from the lack of sleep. You then force yourself into reality and more than likely put on a less than optimistic front when interacting with other humans until around mid-day when you eat a heap of processed carbs and sugar to perk you up for the afternoon and evening.  You have a mid-afternoon energy crash from the foods you’ve consumed only to grab another coffee to ‘get you through the afternoon slum’. This whole process has caused you to use more energy than required to get through your day and made you less productive overall. You’ll come home feeling awake but exhausted and wonder how all the other early birds make it look so easy.

On the other hand, what if you slept in that 30mins, 1 hour etc. longer? Got up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. Had enough time to get everything done and out the door on time, making it into the office at a reasonable hour that allows you to be focused and ready for the day. You’re happy, optimistic and friendly. You tackle many tasks throughout the day at your own pace and end it feeling accomplished and productive. You make it out of the office at a time conducive to whatever plans you have for the evening and feel energised by the activities of the day. You’re owning your energy, not letting time rule you.

How does this make my business more profitable?

Now imagine when it comes to managing staff. How would it feel if both you and your staff where managing your energy for high performance, and therefore being more productive? What would it look like to have an extra hour of productive time per person per day? Yep, great! So by focusing on managing energy not time, and working to your natural pace, allows us to use our energy more wisely and on energy producing activities.

If you have a really focused, positive and energised team coming into work with lots of energy you are going to have way better performance and, ultimately, profitability.

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