I am sick. It has nothing to do with my business


“All healing is essentially a release of fear.”
A Course In Miracles

I am forever working with my clients to connect the physical, the emotional and the mental. The proof is everywhere if we simply open our eyes. How, for example, can we deny that when we work hard for a long period of time in good health, then take a holiday and get sick, that this is not our brain saying to our body, ‘ok, you can relax now, you no longer have to hold it all together.’

The less obvious for some is when we’ve shared a large amount about ourselves in the open and then within 24 hours find ourselves suffering from a terrible flu or cold. Did you just pick it up from your kids or the local café? There is an amazing book by Louise Hay, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, that identifies the thoughts and language patterns with have within ourselves that lead to both the cause of our physical suffering, and a way to heal it. It’s worth checking out.

So, when we are dealing with the stresses of work or running a business, it is only natural that our body can suffer. We get stiff back or achy neck, we get bugs and illnesses and we fall completely flat in our energy levels. The knowledge that we also have the power and ability to change all of these symptoms should give us great encouragement. Where do we start?

Firstly, we have to recover. We must create space and time for this to happen and make it a priority. If we do not, the physical suffering will linger. I tell clients who really can’t switch off, just to find portions of their day where they can rest, rather than whole days if that seems impossible.

Secondly, we need to restructure. We must look at our priorities and ensure that health is one of them. Create a more sustainable way of working by incorporating energy-giving activities into our day.

Finally, we must find ways to refocus. Refocus our energy and motivation onto something that really fuels us. We need to feel connected to the work we do in order to stay motivated by it. Often we are driven by just our need for income and security. Perhaps it’s time to consider what that income and security really give you and find a deeper meaning and driver within it to power you.

All too often we tell ourselves that our sickness has nothing to do with work our or business. So, I would ask you, what does it have to do with? Because, it is no longer possible to prove that our minds and our bodies are separate entities. They are integrally linked and what fuels one also fuels the other. Make sure you know what keeps you energised, healthy and focused mentally and it will also support you physically. Notice when you get rundown what your thought patterns are – write them down. Perhaps you’ll be able to shift them on your own and heal your own body.


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