What’s your goal – high performance or wellbeing?

A young stylish businessman going to work by bike.

It seems like everyone from small businesses to large corporates is feeling like they “should” be offering wellbeing programs to their staff. At NEP we are a little cynical about this. We always ask the question why? Some companies are completely honest and say they want their wellbeing to increase the performance of staff.

We see other companies that want to be seen to be “ticking the box” on wellbeing but really don’t allow people to implement what they learn in their wellbeing programs – quite frankly those companies should just save their money and totally cut their wellbeing programs. In our experience they are unlikely to see a return on investment.

And I know that this may sound a little crazy from a high performance coaching business where all of our coaches currently work in some form of “wellbeing” instructing on the side but hear me out…….

High performance is still the ultimate goal……not wellbeing

At NEP we believe you can have wellbeing without high performance…….. but you can’t have high performance without wellbeing.

In other words, if wellbeing is your goal you won’t necessarily get performance. But if high performance is your goal, wellbeing will be a necessary part of the journey. In addition, wellbeing needs to be tailored to the person and the person needs to be coached how to link wellbeing to achieve performance.

Wellbeing programs are difficult to implement without alienating people

Let’s face it, wellbeing means different things to different people. No point focussing on just standard wellbeing programs eg offering yoga or bootcamp or meditation or mindset classes and expecting everyone to get involved. While it’s lovely in theory to say that wellbeing looks and smells a certain way, it’s different for everyone so allowing people to choose what works best for them is the best way to get wellbeing into a culture which promotes performance.

So let’s be honest about the real goal and stop ticking the wellbeing box

Basically I would love people to hire us to make them feel good but not one of our clients (from small business to the large corporates) has ever hired us to do that – we just don’t get hired until people can see a return on investment which is usually always measured in increased revenue or employee staff costs – and quite frankly you really only get that when people know how to channel their wellbeing into performance.

In short – you can have both wellbeing and high performance

Let’s just be honest that high performance is still generally the ultimate goal for companies. And that’s more than ok – if high performance is properly coached you get to have both.


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