These statistics on workers suffering mental health issues are frightening……

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I recently attended the World Business Forum in Sydney as I love to do every year to hear from global speakers about trends around the world. And one of the statistics discussed concerned mental health. Latest studies show that out of all people working today, at least 50% will suffer a mental strain issue. And to take that further, the studies also suggested that these figures were higher for those working in financial services and insurance.

Chances are you are already leading workers suffering mental strain

So if you are leading a team chances are you are already managing at least one person suffering mental strain (even though you may not even know it). And in the unlikely event that you aren’t already managing staff suffering mental strain, the stats suggest it’s only a matter of time before you will need to, unless you know how to lead your staff in a way to prevent the situation.

Join the ranks of leaders who are learning how to avoid these statistics

The good news is that we are seeing more and more companies becoming aware of this issue, and the even better news is that they want to do something about it.

However, we are finding that many are taking a more reactive approach rather than a proactive approach. Realistically though, it’s far easier (and cheaper) for businesses to prevent these issues than to try to fix the mental health epidemic.

For example, recently one of our newer corporate clients engaged us to do a session on how to deal with mental strain especially during the busy end of Australian financial year. We certainly commend this company for doing this and of course we were happy to provide a session to help deal with some short term issues that had arisen.

However, we also had the discussion with the leaders that they would gain greater benefits by implementing some of our high performance mindset programs.

Prevention is far better (and cheaper) than the cure

Mental health issues don’t just happen overnight. They tend to build up until they are far more difficult to fix. If leaders and staff understand the mindset of high performance, one of the beautiful bi-products of increased success is that mental strain will be avoided.

Quite frankly, if your team is suffering, your leadership skills need a little tweaking.

So why not contact us for help with increasing your team’s success mindset as well as preventing their chances of suffering mental strain.


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