What costs more – the cost of getting expert help or the cost of not getting expert help?

As a high performance coach I’m obviously a clear advocate for coaching – but regardless of what the coaching is for……I’m still a big advocate.

An example…..

I love running and not just for fitness – mostly because it improves my mindset (love that fast oxyctocin surging through my brain). Ask anyone close to me and they will tell you that life is better for everyone when I run! And this improved mindset also helps to increase success in many areas of work and life.

In my early thirties I was having just a small issue with one of my ankles and one of my friends suggested I see a running coach to work on my technique. Now while my technique wasn’t disastrous (especially given my small frame) my coach certainly helped me make some effective changes which I’m sure has saved me thousands of dollars on injury management……way more money than I invested in my running coaching.

And another example….

It’s fast becoming more the norm that anyone who takes performance in business seriously absolutely has a coach. Again, I love having someone to bounce ideas off and to keep me focussed when I can be well, a little distracted, with so many things I want to achieve.

NEP coaching programs

And on the flip side, at NEP our coaching programs and workshops are a very small investment relative to the increased productivity and profitability that our clients enjoy. For example, with one client just a mindset shift meant the difference between getting 14 referrals in a week vs 8 referrals for the previous quarter.

Another client learned to switch up his productivity allowing for an extra 3 hours of business development time in one week which resulted in an additional $40,000 per year accounting client in his first week of implementing the coaching.

So our view on coaching is that it’s only a cost if you don’t implement. Assuming the coaching is good, you are highly likely to implement, which means the initial outlay turns into an investment on which you get an excellent return.

So…….can you afford to have coaching in whatever area of your work and life that you are looking to improve? We would suggest you ask yourself can you afford not to?


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