Want to save your energy? Do this one thing for massive results

At NEP we always talk about managing energy rather than time to increase your performance. Not only is it important to know how to increase your energy, it’s arguably more important to know how to spend your energy wisely.

And one of the best tools available to us to help us to do this is summed up in one word………OUTSOURCE!

Outsource at work

Whether you work in a small business or a large organisation, most people could get better at outsourcing.

Rough rule of thumb – anything that someone else can do almost as well, and more cheaply than you, should be done by someone else if it doesn’t energise you.

Small business owners often fall into the cash flow trap of not wanting to spend any money unnecessarily and therefore end up doing many tasks which take them away from more revenue producing activities – but if they spent more money to free up their time they would actually earn a lot more money a lot more quickly.

People who work for larger companies also find themselves tied up in tasks that ideally they should be empowering other people to do. High performance leaders are great at ensuring that people around them have the chance to “step up” – and let’s face it – helping someone else’s career is an inspirational way to effectively outsource.

Outsource at home

We all have a million things to do at work and at home. When we are not working, it’s important to spend as much time re-energising as possible so that we have the energy to do the work and lifestyle activities that we really want to do.

And these days there are so many things that can be outsourced it doesn’t make any sense to do anything you don’t really want to. Don’t find cooking energising? Then don’t. There are plenty of meal delivery options or for some people perhaps an in-house chef a couple of nights a week might be a great option.

Cleaning cars, houses etc are examples of other activities that are easily outsourced if they don’t energise you.

Basic life admin like making appointments, paying bills, dropping off dry cleaning etc are also examples of more activities that may be outsourced to let high performers get on with what they do best………

If you need help outsourcing, we know great businesses that we recommend to our clients. Get in touch today…..


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