Are you treating your energy credits like nuggets of gold?

So we know that to improve performance it’s important to improve your energy ie higher energy equals higher performance. At Next Evolution Performance we use the term “energy credits”.

If everything is completely in balance by your definition of balance then ideally you should have your maximum 100 energy credits on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we see so many people have only say 60 energy credits or even less on a daily basis. And naturally, these people are nowhere near as productive on a sustained basis as the 100 energy credit people.

So how do we increase our energy credits?

Think of energy credits like a budget, if you would like to increase your energy credits you have two options – earn more or spend less. Generally, the easiest way initially is to spend less energy credits. This will help you to have additional energy credits to invest in more “energy earning” activities.

So how do we spend less energy credits?

One of the first steps is to start to treat your energy credits like nuggets of gold. You wouldn’t give away solid gold for just any thought, action, person or situation so best to treat your energy credits the same.

Let’s think about some examples…….Would you give that whining co-worker a nugget of gold? Probably not. Would you give one of your negative thoughts a nugget of gold? Probably not. Do you really need to spend energy credits on cleaning your house? Probably not.

Instead, ask yourself is this thought, action, person or situation worth investing a nugget of gold. Unless it’s getting you closer to your goals, it’s best to save your energy credits and invest them more wisely.


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