Before you hire more staff – make sure you do this…….

From small businesses to large corporates it’s really common for leaders to think that they need more staff. In most of these cases that we see, the business or company actually needs less staff or could easily be getting more profitability from their existing people.

The most common reason you think you need more staff……

The are several reasons for this but they all come down to one issue, the existing staff have never been taught how to manage their own energy and mindset, and work as productively as possible based on how they are actually wired to operate. And there is no one-size fits all approach – no two people have the same brain and therefore no two people were designed to operate in exactly the same way.

This all leads to most people operating with way less energy and mindset than they could be, and we know that in order to maximise your performance you need to maximise these.

So before you hire more people……..

Make sure that your existing people are operating as productively as possible and therefore have as much energy as possible.

Here are a couple of examples of this:

  • Have the right people working on the right tasks at the right time – If your teams are working on tasks which don’t really energise them or are not working with the way their body and brain are naturally meant to operate, they will spend way too much energy trying to complete their work in way more time than necessary.
  • Understand Personal Pace – Broadly speaking the “Personal Pace” indicator allows us to help people determine their natural attention span which can revolutionise how people go about structuring their days, weeks, months and years. Contact us to find out more.
  • Understand neuroscience for performance – The more leaders and teams understand how the body and brain work together for maximum performance, the easier it is to maximise energy and productivity.

Sound like there is a lot involved? Yes there is……….but the good news is we have plenty of easy and practical tools to help you and your teams to work with maximum energy to result in maximum performance.

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