Give the negative people in your team “opportunities”

Let’s face it, there are very few people who haven’t worked with someone at some stage in their career who was incredibly negative. I remember I worked briefly with someone who I stopped asking how she was in the morning because that would be 15 minutes of my life I couldn’t get back and quite frankly I didn’t need that kind of negativity around me.

Nothing will zap the productivity and profitability of your business or the team like a negative person. And whatever behaviour you don’t deal with is basically what you accept and therefore you are effectively lowering your own bar on performance expectations.

Therefore negative people need to be given “opportunities”…

The first opportunity they should be given is to become more positive. Now while this is a tricky one and doesn’t happen overnight, we now know thanks to neuroscience that you can actually rewire your brain to become more positive. The trick is the person needs to want this result.

Assuming they do want this result then good leadership is helping them to become more positive. If you don’t know how to coach someone to do this, then best find outside help to ensure this person gets the support they need.

If of course, they don’t want the opportunity to become more positive, well it’s then best to give them the opportunity to work elsewhere. It’s important that you have a clear performance management path in place to get to this result but the quicker this is achieved, the quicker your business or team will improve overall performance and profitability.


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