So you want a high performing team – best look in the mirror first……

So many business leaders often say that finding and keep staff are two of their biggest challenges. And no wonder – no one really sets out to hire only average performers. We all want to hire people in that top 10%.

One of the easiest ways to increase your chances of hiring only high performers is to make sure you have a high performance culture. And to take that a step further, the only way to have a high performance culture is to ensure the leaders exude high performance (not high burnout) themselves.

It’s a fact that high performers only want to work with other high performers – in fact you will know if you are interviewing a high performer because chances are around 20 minutes (or maybe less) into the interview, you will probably feel like they are interviewing you. And true high performers have already worked out how to work smarter not harder. They understand the neuroscience of high performance and so will probably be sussing you out for those characteristics.

So if you are looking tired, exhausted or lacking passion for what you do, you can be sure the high performers will run a mile…….So best make sure you are exuding high performance before you start interviewing!


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