Are you rewarding presenteeism over absenteeism?

As a manager, do you count the number of hours, or ‘face-time’, of your employees, or do you look at their productivity and output? If it’s the latter, you are well on your way (if not there already) to having a high performing team. If your response was the former…..keep reading.

For a long time now, the trend of presenteeism has been increasing pace. Staff are present at work for longer than required, or show up when unwell, all in the name of ‘productivity’. And unfortunately, we are rewarding ‘big hours’, thus creating a positive annotation with the behaviour.

A recent study by John Pencavel of Stanford University shows a relationship between hours worked and productivity, finding employee output decreases significantly after a 50-hour workweek. This decreases even further after 55 hours, to the point that someone who puts in 70 hours produces nothing more with those extra 15 hours. Further, he found longer hours are also connected to absenteeism and employee turnover.

We see large uplifts in both productivity and profitability with those businesses who start to support their teams to manage energy rather than ‘urgent tasks’. The key to maximising both yours and your team’s productivity is to have people focusing on tasks which don’t drain their energy.

Imagine if everyone in the team focused not on tasks which drained their energy, but in fact actually gave them energy back….now there’s a powerfully productive team!

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